TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator Quest for the Hoverboard Junkyard Dog

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TEAM KIDS Ghost Simulator Quest for the Hoverboard Continues, Yes I am really starting to Question that old Hunter Adam and if he even has a hoverboard we upgraded our Pack and we continued in the Junkyard Completed the quest when we got to him he gave us more gems and a new quest to complete.

I have to tell you not only is Adams leading us along making the game difficult but there was a load of Editing Players were looting the big ghost (cans) in the junkyard they would stand and watch till I had nearly finished them off and jump on it and get the win and it added to there credit not mine and I need 2 for Adam I was on like 20 of them to get the 2 I needed.
Tomorrow we will Pick up at looking for Hunter Adams Cell phone in the Junkyard,

FANDOM FARE KIDS we are working on our editing forgive if the video seems strange I am working on Picture in picture and other editing skills to help us out making out presentation better in the future. not to mention there are things that from time to time need to be censored out for sure.

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