MTG ARENA Sunday Fandom Fare challenge

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

MTG ARENA Sunday Fandom Fare challenge, we managed to get the game to load today for the first time in several days on this old laptop after several hours of reconfiguration we had 3 Quests backed up.

Here is a sample of Team Kids Playing a survival game Called Talking Tom They Enjoyed this one they have been back many times playing it.

after more than 15 game and only 3 wins, we have come to the conclusion we most likely will not be returning to streaming MTG Arena at all the game is just too hopeless lost and out of balance the matching and shuffle will never be fixed it no longer the strategy game it once was.

the new 2021 core will be out so and to be honest, I really could care less we have moved on to a new theme and Plan with Fandom Fare Kids which in testing seems to gain way more attention than magic has in the near last 3years for our Live game streaming.

I hope one-day Wizards or some other group can get there act together with Digital magic it a great concept now all they need is to get an honest working online game.

Here is a sample of Team Kids Check out a game that was recently released called Ghost Simulators

for all who are interested you are welcome to Join #TeamKids over at Roblox Support the kids, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Fandom fare Kids we still can't Live stream we are working on still trying to get our equipment going but we are Recording and uploading some of our gameplay and were having a blast and it isn't costing us a Dime. if something Glitches we just move on to one of the many other game choices.

if we cant get a part for the laptop we may well be getting another laptop we are looking into this now. and desertion will be made soon.

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