Twitch users get the power to unleash zombies on streamers

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Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software studio announce that Cuisine Royale streams on Twitch have gained an optional interactive mode. The viewers are able to unleash hordes of zombies upon the streamer, flood the battlezone with water or summon an orbital fridge full of weapons and equipment when the χaos Games feature is active in the game that is being broadcasted.

Streams with the activated χaos Games feature allow the viewers to vote which global event they would like to happen in the game. For example, the Sun Eclipse temporarily makes the world dark, Heaven’s Wrath causes artillery strikes on random spots on the map, while the Brown Note allows players to teleport between toilets. All these events were already available in Cuisine Royale for the players to use, but χaos Games gives the stream viewers access to them as well. This feature will make the streams even more exciting and unpredictable both for the streamers and their fans.

The testing of the χaos Games feature began on June, 18th in the PC version only and will last for a few days. The PlayStation 4 version of Cuisine Royale will get this feature a bit later.

χaos Games feature details are available at the official Cuisine Royale website:
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