TEAM KIDS Today A little Time with Meep City & Scavenger Hunt

FANDOM FARE Linux Distribution

TEAM KIDS Today A little Time with Meep City ROBLOX and then Kadon Gets Introduced to BEllIE'S Place and the Scavenger Hunt, Kadon also got Introduced to his Own Place On ROBLOX we tried to Introduce him to ROBLOX Studio, however, seems he doesn't have that just yet.

I am still working on learning the various ins and outs of Studio myself I really need the faster laptop running to get full advantage of Roblox Studio. we are working hard to get things going and the key to all of it is getting the parts for my gaming laptop but in this new Norm as they call it we live in today it seems many times more difficult then it should be to get a simple device cooling fan this is why all devices need to be standardized things like cooling fans all devices use and require.

the more the team plays the better there play gets, the more they fall into Roles and the better there game goes as they learn to work more together
working hard to get things fixed one way or another and to pull this group #TEAMKIDS all together at one time the end of school for all is quick coming and I think the will be what helps a lot.

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