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Fandom Fare Kids Ghost Simulator By BloxByte Games ROBLOX, this looks like one the kids will have to check out this summer it is on the Roblox up and comers list of games and it seems to have so,e great reviews to back up them Claims..

TEAM KIDS are you Ready for the "GHOST SIMULATOR" It's Heading your way soon #TEAMKIDS on Fandom Fare Kids. , better Limber up them Finger, Tune up them Screams If there Trouble In the Sim World Who ya gonna call that Goofy Team Kids.

Just look at dome of these Coments on the game in the last Few Months

Amazing Game, Devs, and Lore to this game. Glad to be considered a YouTuber and be able to share this amazing game

Trevaless' Tales

Ghost Simulator is literally SO underrated. It has such a great storyline and creative updates. Keep up the great work


So proud to be a Tester! 🎉 Amazing team, amazing game


Welcome to Ghost Simulator! Ghosts have taken over the world, and it's up to you to stop them!

👻 Capture ghosts 🎒 Upgrade your equipment 🐾 Unlock Pets to help you along your journey 👽 Defeat Bosses who threaten the safety of the world 💨 Unlock Hoverboards 🌎 Explore the biomes 💎 Complete quests to unveil the story and earn rewards Join the BloxByte Games group for 10% bonus luck when opening crates in-game!

There are different types of ghosts in all of the areas. They will reward more depending on what area the user is in. Boss ghosts will drop a boss area chest if defeated. From those, the user can get gems (and maybe an area exclusive special hoverboard skin) Ghost health is in brackets, take note that Bosses only last for 5 mins before despawning(Their spawn spots are marked by similar cracks in the ground). Special tier ghosts have higher HP than normal tier ghosts and will spawn less often in their respective biomes. Bonus area ghosts will generally drop more gems than most ghosts...


There are now 15 Permanent Ghost Hunters(2 are infinite questlines), 7 in the rift, and one in the special event biome. Read the types of drops above before reading the questlines. The important factor in certain quests will be in bold. (Take note that after one of the updates, items may be relocated, making it easier to find some quest items, but some are now harder to get)

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