Breaking Lockdown – A short first-person survival game

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Breaking Lockdown is a first-person survival game inspired by the recent COVID-19 events. After receiving a desperate phone call from one of their friends, players have no choice but to break the lockdown instructions. They will have to find their way through a hostile urban environment, avoid getting killed by authorities and get prepared for anything, even corpses coming back to life!\

Additional notes:

  • Lappi Soft is a one-man (and a dog ?) indie game studio located in the French Alps, between Geneva and Chamonix. Breaking Lockdown is their first title.
  • The game idea emerged in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, while starting the Game Dev Unlocked course from David Wehle, creator of The First Tree. What was supposed to be a “game-in-a-week challenge” finally became a real title.

Key features:

  • Die and retry mechanics
  • A rich (but dangerous!), detailed environment for players who love exploration
  • A 20-30 minute experience that can be completed in one sitting
  • Secret endings, including a specific one for speed-runners!

A word from the developer:

  • Home is where One Starts was my model during the design phase. I loved the fact this story-driven game worked quite well, using simple game mechanics and a restricted environment. So, I set a scene, pitched a plot and started to shoot. The result does not look like its model at all, this is more what happens when Dying Light meets Silent Hill in a dark alley from Blade Runner.”

Does the game support controllers?
No, only keyboard and mouse are supported.
Did you make everything in the game yourself?
Not everything, since I license assets from talented artists and programmers to speed up production.
How long is the game?
Between 20 and 30 minutes for a quick run-through, around 1 hour for completionists.
What languages will the game be localized in?
The audio and interface are in English. French subtitles are planned and I may add other languages after release, thanks to fan subtitles.

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