101XP has released demos for two of its upcoming games as part of Steam Game Festival. Available from June 16th-22nd, these demos will give players a chance to go hands-on with Rustic Fantastic’s cosmic arcade-style beat ’em up Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show, and Brezg Studio’s totalitarian mayor sim For the People, both slated for Steam releases later this summer. 

Here’s a bit more info about both of these games:

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show is an arcade beat-’em-up set in an intergalactic game show. Forced to compete in gruesome challenges to reclaim his stolen face, Ed must endure this torturous reality show while also trying to take down the sinister forces behind this business we call show. Featuring hand-drawn art inspired by cartoonishly grotesque animation like Ren & Stimpy, Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show takes players through some of the weirdest and wildest worlds imaginable. As you battle through waves of bloodthirsty aliens, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the inner workings of the most sadistic game show in the universe.

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While making their way through the game’s worlds, the player will end up working towards one of several possible endings, determined by the set of side quests they choose to complete. Ed’s really gonna have to get his hands dirty by completing various tasks for the local aliens. Well, at least the ones who do not immediately want to kill him, that is!

Watch the gameplay trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrOQ_Mtd3j0
Read the full announcement press release here: https://bit.ly/3eXzhik

For the People is a politically charged strategy game putting players in the shoes of a recently elected mayor in the Soviet inspired  Commonwealth of Orange Collectives. 

  • You’ll have to make challenging moral and political decisions regarding economic distribution
  • Decide on social policies that have consequences to your people. 
  • Deciding between strengthening your political party, working towards the nation’s long term growth.
  • Experience the near impossible task of keeping your people happy.

Watch the gameplay trailer here: https://youtu.be/76sqB96yRVQ

Read the full announcement press release here: https://bit.ly/2YoFaym


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