MTG ARENA Saturday The Big Deal Event, well today Quest of the Day was to Kill off 15 of your Opponents Creature, and we could call this platform for today the Bad Deal Of the day.

It usually takes a

Here is a rerun from Fandomfare Gaming

Today there was way More back and forth than there should have been and what I mean is Lots of matches no one is casting more than one Creature in Best of one Why should they when they can Just counter it up to 100 and keep cycling the same card one way or the other. the game is deeply out of balance an no longer about good Strategy to beat the other guy its who can pump there life up to 1001 before the other gets there one creature to 1000 seriously.

anyhow the big deal event of this day I am referring to Is the CUBED DRAFT I am not getting involved in it not interest myself self but many many are soI thought I would give you the low down on it as I hear it From Wizards of the Coast.


Now that Player Draft is so last month's game update, it's time to bring another fan-favorite format to MTG Arena—Cube Draft!

Our cube consists of 555 cards pulled from everything that's available in MTG Arena—including both Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths and Historic Anthology III cards. You'll open three "booster packs" that contain 15 cards and draft them against your fellow players. Each pack may contain multiple exciting rares and mythic rares, so don't let the card on the top left to distract you from the rest of the pack! It's also important to note that like Cube Sealed, Cube Draft will be a "phantom" event, which means the cards will not be added to your collection.

There are some exciting strategies and synergies we built into this cube, and drafting against players should help ensure that each draft is a fun and unique experience. Our first event is arriving on June 12 and, as we did with Ikoria, we'll be letting you get a taste of this format—on us! Your first Cube Draft will have no entry fee, and both the complimentary entry and the event itself will be available until the release of Core Set 2021 ( . . . yeah, that's happening like a month from now).

But wait! There's still time for one more new event we're adding to MTG Arena, and it's unlike anything we've done before . . .

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