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Piggy is one of the Most Favorite Story Games on Roblox These days, The Final Chapter Just released a few weeks ago and all have been working to get to its Secret the True and Final Ending of the 3 Possibility Bad ENDING, GOOD Ending and the Ultimate True Ending.

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Fandom Fare Kids #TeamKids Will Most Likely, Give Piggy and some of his many incarnations a try see what endings we can accomplish,#TeamKids Coming to Fandom Fare Kids This summer om Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

You & George are inside of the plant chasing Mr. P down and he says, "I wish to be alone but you memories continue to torment me." After that, he says, “You are just as stubborn as I was when I tried to save my wife.” He then says, "But this time… I will stop you as I should've stopped myself." There is a note saying that he is alone which likely means loneliness made him crazy. You then give Mr. P a photo of his wife which makes him normal and remember everything that happened. He tells you that he left you at the Hospital because he thought you were infected. He told you that “they” made Mr. P a robot/cyborg. He was going to fight off the infected and that you should get out of the Plant.

(Bad Ending)
In the bad ending you tell Mr. P to come with you, then you get infected (or killed) by Badgy behind your back.

(Good Ending)
You & George leave Mr. P in the plant and find out that Pony & Zizzy defeated the soldiers and that Mr. P is no longer a threat. Pony wonders what to do afterwards and George then suggests that we should find a cure.

(True Ending)
Unlike the other endings, this one requires you to do multiple steps. Here are the steps in chronological order.

Step 1 - Complete all the chapters before Chapter 12 and Chapter 12 itself (Both endings).
Step 2 - Go to the City, play the Player + Bot gamemode, unlock the exit and then search a car that is purple in color. You will notice that there's a Mrs. P photo under it. Grab it and complete the chapter.
Step 3 - Now complete the Plant as you would normally.
Step 4 - Now go to Mr. P. If you did everything right, instead of Badgy killing you, Mr. P will tell his story and then half of the good ending plays.


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