TEAM KIDS Roblox Field Trip Z By Splitting Point Studios

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

#TEAMKIDS Roblox Field Trip Z By Splitting Point Studios this I found this game to look very Interesting in a video by DENNIS. I think one day Once our Equipment is back up and Running FANDOM FARE KIDS #TEAMKIDS will have to give this one a go.

WATCH THIS FANDOMFARE KIDS RERUN these are early tests of out streams we decided to share with all they were resdy for prime time but we had fun

this is not one I would recommend for our younger player just learning the control and game we try to keep them in-game with less violence and scry things no one dies type games but some of the #TEAMKIDS are ready for whatever Roblox tosses at them/

we have Order another fan More local to us that should be here in the by the end of the week or Monday there is no promises in this world we live in today but I believe Mail can still move faster than 100 miles per month.

Please Check out our YouTube Channel FANDOM FARE KIDS subtribe and give a thumbs up in support of #TEANKIDS thanks

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