Car Smash – Arcade car racing gets a massive update

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Car Smash - Arcade car racing’ a fast paced, retro styled, car racing mobile game by Flying Ants Studios has received a massive update this week. The game now has enhanced visuals, new tracks, faster cars and a revamped progression system among other updates. Complete list of updated features :

   * New tracks - Now race in two, three and four lanes.* Two different control mechanisms - Swipe & Tilt.* Dynamic weather - includes rain and thunderstorms.* Day night cycle - now drive through different time of the day.* Better car destruction - Enjoy cars flying all over the place.* New level based progression system.* Upgrade your cars in the garage.* Gift box to give you extra goodies.* Enhanced visuals.* Faster cars.

Car Smash - About the gameCar Smash is a casual arcade car racing mobile game with simple one touch control. Just swipe to change lane as your car moves forward in traffic. The twist, you have to crash and smash as many cars and objects as possible before your fuel runs out. The game will take you down the memory lane with its retro art style and 8 bit music. 

About Flying Ants StudiosFlying Ants Studios, an indie studio based in Jamshedpur, India. The aim of the studio is to innovate and experiment with ideas and concepts. To make games across multiple genres. We try to go beyond what is already there in the market and give users with something new and different. As an indie development and publishing studio we are always on the look out for something interesting and enjoy working with creatives from all over the world.Short gameplay video : Links :iOS = : Us for more cool games and developer insights :Website

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