Devuan Beowulf 3.0.0 stable release

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Devuan Developers are delighted to announce the release of Devuan Beowulf 3.0.0 as the project's new stable release. This is the result of many months of painstaking work by the Team and detailed testing by the wider Devuan community.

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What's new in Beowulf 3.0.0?

  • Based on Debian Buster (10.4) with Linux kernel 4.19
  • Support for ppc64el in addition to the existing i386, amd64, armel, armhf and arm64 architectures
  • runit optional alternative /sbin/init
  • openrc optional alternative to sysv-rc service and runlevel control
  • Standalone daemons eudev and elogind to replace aspects of monolithic systemd
  • New boot, display manager and desktop themimg

Installation and Documentation

Whether you are upgrading an existing Devuan install, migrating from Debian or installing from scratch, instructions and guidance can be found at:

Packagesnetboot images and installation media are available through a resilient network of:

Please take time to read the Release Notes which include important configuration information and tips to help your install or upgrade go as smoothly as possible:

Or, for the impatient, you can go straight to the package and sources.list information or the installation media downloads.

ARM Support

Bootable ARM images are provided by the Devuan ARM community.

You will find these resources useful for ARM-related discussion and development:

Resources and Support

After Beowulf

The next Devuan release, 4.0.0, is codenamed Chimaera. Repositories are already available for the adventurous to test.


We wish to thank all of you for the incredible support given to Devuan. Without your help and feedback, Devuan could not be the reliable and versatile distribution that it is.

To support the Devuan project you can donate at: (includes financial reports)

or take up one of the tasks listed at:
How you can help Devuan

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