Please Take time to subscribe to our Newest youtube Channel Famdom fare kids Ellie and Ian Kadom Leah and any of the kids who want to play and they the rest wanting to Join in a Group Online Live Game stream Daily let's call it the Social Distance family game hours

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after the game is live-streamed it will be there to watch over and over On your TV om Twitch or youtube, Facebook Games we are all playing adults and kids alike, What is needed is a Chromebook with at least 6B of memory Does Load ROBLOX from the Playstore and a Facebook amount we can all run the live chat on together for audio

we could Use the Live Stream to Set up a donate to a favorite Children's Charity each month through Facebook

Mostly Doing this for family Nieces Nephew Grandkids my kids, they are welcome to invite there friend the server can hold from 30 to 50 people easy so that is not a problem.

we all been locked down and Home schooling all spring, and now were going to be doing the distant summer and fall Might as well have fun do our own social distancing Creative Idea .

if things go over well enough maybe if things go well and we get many involved and watching we can set up Facebook fundraising thing I'll provide the Live game stream kids can choose to Decide what game once there all together and the Facebook is set up for audio the role play is theirs.

most already have internet the average new chrome book or computer today has 6 to 12 GB of ram most Kids have or do play ROBLOX. maybe they can even all get involved in ROBLOX studio and build there own game, Ian has done this its fairly easy and the gest part is Rolex is free yes you can make in-game purchases but they are not necessary

I picked ROBLOX because its low budget for all FORTNITE and other games take far more costly laptops and Phones kids use chrome books and Lower cost Phone not $5000 gaining desktops right and its faintly Low Violence.use your Imagination ROle play its Easy Ellie plays this she has been since she was 3 it's great for hand-eye coordination learning to recognize letters and numbers its keyboard control.

It's Educational not only learning to recognize letters for the younger but you can learn Programing if they want to involve in building their own game. Roblox even yearly runs a contest with Prizes for the best game creators kids and teens can get involved in.


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