MTG Arena with Jadiri Gamer Today’s Quest of the Day

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MTG Arena with Jadiri Gamer Today's Quest of the Day Green and White spell our starter deck plowed through this in 2 matches we won once .we also played a pair of mono-red matches to regain some lost Rank because of Crashes in the game we are using a stand-in laptop with 4 GB of ram that no longer can run the game at to efficiency.

It usually takes a

ENJOY A rerun of MTG Area

There was no Stream today the cooling Fan in our Gaming Machine Fried and we have a new one on Order however because of the pandemics, the unrest in the US and Donald trumps sections with foreign manufactures our $12 cooling fan with shipping cost us Nearly $60 and will take upward of 60days shipping time.

Let not Forget FNM at home it is just over 15 hours away this week its Historic events free to take part in the win as much as you like send a screenshot to a local game store that is taking part receive code for an addition
we can not Live stream the game right now but we are still out there with you all playing and battling in the events daily quest and more the game is free to download and free to play no in-game purchases can be made but not necessary

we are really hoping that dome time in the next week out new cooling fan will be here and we can get back int the action with Magic and the kids with ROBLOX but that is high hopes right now we know the fan was shipped however tracking has provided no more movement estimated shipping date is between June/29 to July 3

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