Kadon and Ellie play Meep City Fandom fair Live stream

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Kadon and Ellie play Meep City thIs was a little better today things went smoother with Roblox though we lost AUdio from Kadon in the middle of the game. Ellie Understands Meep City far better than others but she is getting to play other more and more so its just a matter of time before she is up to speed with the group.

Later I_dude will be playing with Ellie I think the Plan is Roblox gravity simulated so watch for that, these guys really seem to be enjoying these social distancing game live streams Elleie's Brother Ian has been in lockdown with his grandparents since march 11th over 2 months so this is a pretty exciting deal for them having appeared so long a time both have grown a lot in that time and won't recognize each other when Ian gets back home I'm sure Ellie is almost as tall as he is now she was just a tiny girl at march break when he last has seen her thanks to this virus.

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