‘DepowerBall’ is Bringing the Ruckus to the Steam Game Festival

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A limited-time demo of DepowerBall – a dragon-feeding, skill-eliminating, revenge-seeking party platformer created by Mega Power Games – will be released for one week only during the Summer Edition of the Steam Game Festival starting June 9th.

DepowerBall is a competitive game where the fate of every matchup is influenced by fast-paced gameplay and tactical decision-making.  All players must compete in a match of 3-5 rounds to become the Dragon Queen’s champion. To win a round, a player must feed the most treats to the Dragon Queen within the time limit. All players start a match with the same set of powers in order to help them achieve victory. When a player wins a round, he or she will earn the wrath of the other players as they vote to take away one of the winner’s powers. Losing powers as a match progresses forces players to adapt their strategy…or get left behind.

Although DepowerBall is still in development, players will get the exclusive chance to step into ‘The Pit’ and experience the game with one of four adorable characters.

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Mega Power Games is excited to have DepowerBall included in this year’s festival. “The Steam Game Festival has given me an opportunity to put DepowerBall in front of a global audience,” says President Antonio Miceli, “I am excited to see how gamers react when they discover the game and how fun it is to mess with their friends by taking away the powers they hold most dear.”

Since its inception at TOJam 2018, DepowerBall has been showcased at over 15 conventions in both Ontario and Quebec and now with support from Ontario Creates, is set to be released in early access later this year.
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depowerball.com for more information.

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