Uninstalling CloudReady (Neverware) Reinstalling Windows 10 or Linux

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For Anyone Who Has Installed CloudReady by Neverware, and decided it's not for you and you want to Reinstall windows 10 or Linux I'm Sorry. I know I shouldn't say this Cloudready is great if you have old Computers laying around and you just want to Make it useful as a low Price chrome book for the Kids for google classroom or something it great stuff.

How every if you ever wanted to switch back to having windows or Linux on the machine its rough, if you search it you find they tell you they will not provide support for removing their os they make it so One you can not boot From a USB or CD unless it is the cloudready HSB or CD you Installed it with, and to top it off you can not get into Bios to Fix the issue.

Here is what to do take note this it simple but it will take some time to make things Right.

  • First Make your self a window install USB or CD USB will need to be at least 8 GB.
  • Shut Down the Cloudready Machine With the Window USB or CD already installed Ready to Boot from.
  • ok Power up the Computer, Press the alt-Control -Delete buttons several times as the machine boot it should flip back to the startup splash screen each time. do this 3 or 4 times.
  • Then on the last time, press and tap f2 should work most laptops whatever f key is for your machine, and Wait for Bios should open if not repeat From power up alt- cont- delete then f2.
  • Once you get bio's open, use the arrow key to get to security, you will need to Enable the USB you have installed or CD Then Save Changes and Exit the Bios.
  • Once the Machine starts to Reboot, hit and tap f12 to go to the boot Order, on the list you SHould see your USB or CD on the list navigate to that drive hit enter and the Machine should start to Boot from the Window USB or Disk
  • Now it should tell you to accept Microsoft agreement and so on once you do that then a selection should come up move the selector to install option 2 not the top selection there is no windows on the HD you installing on so you need to do a custom install.
  • From there, there will be a load of partitions to choose from select Primary Partition to Install windows on that is where you want to install windows to get rid of cloudready .

From there it pretty intuitive it will as what language what keyboard it will ask you login info for your wifi password then install window 10 fresh new and clean ready to go.

What happens is CloudReady Block the ability for the Machine to Boot From Anything but the HD or the USB Labeled Cloudready and it blocks your Access to Function keys.

In there defense they do warn you of this Before you Install they tell you it will delete the Harddrive you will not be able to boot anything but cloudready after its pretty much kid-proof they can not remove the OS or make it dual boot without you knowing or a tech who knows how to make it work again and they don't provide info on how to get back in or change the OS.

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