Happy Dog Interactive Releases First Trailer For Brothers in Blood: WWII Co-op

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Happy Dog Interactive is proud to announce that our first trailer has been released. Brothers in Blood: WWII Co-op is an exciting cooperative FPS experience that will be launching for PC on Steam as Early Access. The target launch is late summer/early fall of 2020.

Brothers in Blood: WWII Co-op enables four to eight players to experience well-known (and lesser-known) battles across World War II. The game will launch with the Allied efforts on the Western Front. Post launch, there will be free content added for all players including new maps and new weapons.

Youtube Trailer

To learn more about Brothers in Blood: WWII Co-op, visit

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Official Website
Twitter (@happydogint),

About Happy Dog Interactive LLC
Both the publisher and indie developer for Brothers in Blood: WWII Co-op, Happy Dog Interactive LLC was launched with a unique goal in mind. The interactive entertainment industry is the largest entertainment industry on the planet, yet workers are leaving in droves. Why is that? Poor working conditions and unnecessary stress have pushed countless talented folks out of our industry. Happy Dog Interactive hopes to one day show that you can run a profitable company while treating employees and customers right. 

The dev team currently consists of our founder/lead developer, a pet Lhasa Apso, some lint, a rock and three Skittles. Over time, the plan is to grow the company to possibly four Skittles and maybe some other developers as well.

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