MTG Arena Brawler Guildhall & Workshop Event, Join Zombie gamer

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MTG Arena Brawler Guildhall Event, Join Zombie gamer in today's quest of the day attack with 20 Creatures we will attempt this in the brawler's guildhall in hopes of gaining all the rewards of the day.

It usually takes a

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our decks of choice are nothing new they are old friends we have been using for some time even in the last even Clever reflections which just ended. later if there is time we may attempt a ranked up type match or two.

The workshop Heirlooms of history was great it was Historic matches and they Provided 2 deck that was fair closely match one mono black and a red and black Deck .it took us a lot to Finally get the gold reward from this but when we did we got al the reward for the day all in one shot.

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