Ultimate ADOM in early Alpha, available free for a short duration!

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After over 25 years after the release of the ground-breaking and genre-defining rogue-like ADOM comes the official sequel: Ultimate ADOM.

Ultimate ADOM is currently in early Alpha testing and hast just released a new stable Alpha version which will be available here for free for Windows, Linux and MacOS for free for a short duration: https://teamadom.itch.io/uacoc/download/Rf49oxDDKxiw7Qxn0WTazOdUoBVKHc2wEt2dLPRq
The new version fixes several stability and performance issues and adds several new functions such as a clickable mini map, footwear and pants for monsters and players, a diary system for the upcoming quest system, a complete overhaul of the tool tips, various new traps, more icons, images and other graphical improvements.

Ultimate ADOM already features a powerful emerging interaction system. For example, it is possible to cut off a monster’s limb, animate it to become a trusted and powerful companion, use its help defeat the monster it originated from, dispel the animation attempt, and then graft the limb to your player character to wield an additional weapon.

In a nod to the community that made the predecessor so successful, Ultimate ADOM features a fully realized ASCII mode in both traditional top-down and unique 3d mode.

The game is currently in an EARLY APLHA state. Many things are still missing from the game: Right now, there are only 12 of over 60 skill trees available, only 80 monsters out of several hundred. Many spells (and schools of magic) are missing, and there are not many elemental interactions (like freezing or boiling rivers) implemented yet.

There is also no balance of note in the game and the monster’s AI is still very rudimentary. There is no sign of the eventual metagame, and the during the Alpha phase, the game will only be available on PC and Mac for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Steam Wishlist
You can now add Ultimate ADOM to your wishlist on Steam to be informed of Early Access and release dates! It also helps us gain visibility, so if you like what you’re seeing in the Alpha, please add us: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1266820/Ultimate_ADOM__Caverns_of_Chaos/

Watch the trailer!
To celebrate the launch of the Alpha, please check out the Ultimate ADOM Teaser Trailer:

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