Cthulhu comes to SMITE in Stunning New Trailer

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His existence unspeakable, yet foretold.

His malevolence inconceivable, yet soon to be manifested.

He will precipitate mortals and divinities alike into the abyss of insanity.

This June, Cthulhu will be coming to SMITE, the free-to-play action MOBA featuring more than 100 legendary mythological icons like Zeus, Thor, and Athena.

Set to be one of the most memorable God releases in the history of SMITE, Cthulhu, the Great Old One, is joining the newly created Great Old Ones pantheon in mid-June. All details about Cthulhu will be available on the SMITE website from May 27, following the Update Show, happening on SMITE’s Twitch channel next May 27th, at 3pm ET.

Note to editors

Alex Cantatore, Brand Director of SMITE, and A.J. Walker, Lead Designer of SMITE,  are available for interviews and happy to discuss:

  • The technical challenges of bringing Cthulhu into SMITE
  • SMITE and Cthulhu lore and how we matched them
  • Bringing Fantasy and Literature characters to SMITE

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