Zombie Ellie Playing Meep City Brains Brains now two houses

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Zombie Ellie Playing Meep City Brains Brains Expanding our Brian's today just some free play to Build the coin collection up more more more. Today we discovered there are now two houses ZOMBIE Ellie has the one would only go black and glitch till we had to close out the program.

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Once we decorated the house in the small city the one in here back yard decided to start working very strange happening and Glitch indeed we did buy the one in the small town at the start of the game when i created the account the other they give you when you join the game 2 houses wil make things very interesting for sure .


this Zombie gamer hasn't decided if he is setting up a Roblox account or not when zombie Dude gets back it could make for interesting Streams on Roblox one Ellie get a hang of all the controls she is not doing bad at all she needs to get the WASD 2 finger use down yet that will make a huge difference in her gameplay.


Ellie is super excited to know there is a android version of Roblox for her tablet not sure we will set that up but is a possibility

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