GoboLinux 017 Release

Linux Distribution

GoboLinux was created out of a desire to try new approaches in the Linux distribution design space: the innovative filesystem organization allows us to use a radically different approach in package management — effectively doing away with the package manager.

GoboLinux 017 continues this journey. One of the principles of software freedom is the ability to modify and customize. Software isn't truly free if you need to rely on third-parties to integrate it for you. As Linux distributions get more and more complicated, GoboLinux asks this question: can a Linux system still be built from scratch by a small team — and most importantly, customized in non-trivial ways — and remain understandable by a single person?

The GoboLinux structure allows you to see how every building block of a Linux system is composed, and installs every package in a way for which they were never originally designed. The longevity of the GoboLinux project, 18 years in the making, puts the promise of free and open source software to the test, and continues to deliver.

Simplified compilation recipe management

This release introduces a simplified model for recipe management and contribution that's fully integrated with the Compile build tool.

The recipe tree is now a plain Git repository managed via GitHub cloned into your /Data/Compile/Recipes directory and used by the GoboLinux Compile tool directly.

Just like the Mac Homebrew project was inspired by GoboLinux in its inception, we now take a page back from Homebrew and move our recipe management model into becoming Git-centric, managed at GitHub.

Contributing is easier than ever

The existing ContributeRecipe tool, which used to package a recipe file and upload to the GoboLinux.org servers for review, now branches your local clone, commits your new recipe, and pushes it to your fork of the Recipes tree on GitHub.

This should make it easier for the GoboLinux community to contribute recipes to the tree: we are looking forward to receiving your pull requests!

An Awesome desktop

GoboLinux 017 continues to feature a minimalistic yet comfortable desktop based on the Awesome window manager. Awesome is well-known as an excellent tiling WM, but its Lua scripting capabilities makes it extremely customizable. In Gobo, we tuned it so it ships with a setup based on floating windows which should be familiar to all users, while keeping all the power features of Awesome at hand.

What's new

The desktop in 017 extends that of 016. We continue to include our custom widgets for Wi-Fi, audio (now using PulseAudio), battery status, laptop backlight, and we now bundle a new Bluetooth widget and screenshot functionality.

And of course, there's a new procedurally-generated wallpaper, which you'll have to boot into the Live ISO to check out!


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