MTG Arena today Zombie Gamer Casts Creature Spells

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MTG Arena today Zombie Gamer Casts Creature Spells today quest of the day 20 Creature spells and we will Continue the Insufferable ways In the magic gathering Arena. we will use an assortment of decks to get then out, there are no new events for the moment so we will see what other things we can get into today on Saturday Main Event.

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you want Insufferable here is Insufferable for you Keep In mind what you watch is a long long way from FREE todo

Yes someone commented that the complaint about the state of the MTG Arena game is Insufferable, Seriously if you think the complaints are you should try playing the game for 2 years in its current state. now some might say why to continue if it's so bad and to that, I say my time effort and money invested to do this are worth more than nothing and it's costing us well over $500 a month to play and Live Stream this Free to play the game 🙂

Interenet is not free in order to do this we need a unlimited high Speed up load and down Load to Stream these games , that by it self having to add either Digital phone and or cable to get the best deal is almost $300 alone , then there is the Cell phone and data Plan for that yes it to is required Need a cellphone number to get verified for those service like Facebook Page, Game Creator YouTube to Requires a cell number as well for verification as Streaming puts accounts at greater Risk now twitch as of yet not requiring the cell number for verification how ever they do require a code verification to login to my account that is sent Email to Login and stream so I need access to my mobile (cloud and laptop what ever Email where ever I am to Stream . any way Low cost phone with a limited Data $70 a month $500 for a low end fairly nice android phone that needs to be updated to a new more powerful phone every 2 years to work with the boat load of aps required to be a game streamer.

Then there is the Cost of Twitch Prime wishes costs amazon Prime , to make threat worth the money echo dots Firestick TV you can cast your video to the stick and watch or even play the game using Blue tooth moues keyboard Head set On the 80" big screen Rights 🙂

OK New laptop every year or parts if you don't cook the processor streaming and gaming someone will update and things will require more rame and as a gamer thing are always maxed out Right

at this time most the games I play run with 8gb of ramie standard lap top with good fane and cooling the laptop Blue tooth keyboard Mouse headset microphone when all is said and done $1000 I don't use a webcam but that would add up as well Good web cam or go por $350+ or so .

I want the game I play to play at least as advertise I come to ploy and promote MTG card play a action pack Strategy game 🙂 not a game where new cards are out of balance and over powered so you get in game in casual play and your Strategy Deck get blasted out of Exitance every time by an opponent that counters up a single cards power 10 times you life and pump there like to 1000 just for good measure only casting 3 cards .

when I pay huge dollars to do something I am Invited to try I expect at the very least thing to work and when they don't the developers to listen and watch the video as proof of the problems

we will keep our eyes open for new events there is a load of fun new event t coming over this next month not sure we will see one today or tomorrow.

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