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Pixel Mixers community and GameGrooves join forces to raise money for Child’s Play Charity with remixes from fan-favorite videogames

Pixel Mixers and GameGrooves are excited to announce Heroes, a special album raising money for Child’s Play Charity. Featuring the remixing talent of the Pixel Mixers community alongside support from game music news site GameGrooves, some of the best game music has to offer is covered with tracks from MarioPokémonSonicCrash Bandicoot and Mega Man along with indie favorites CelesteShovel Knight, and Undertale. The eclectic offerings include rock and electronic remixes along with piano ballads and upbeat children’s music. Heroes is licensed and available now:

Heroes on iTunesHeroes on SpotifyThe track list for Heroes is as follows:01. Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odsyssey)02. Spiral Mountain (Banjo-Kazooie)03. The Woods of Light (Rayman 2)04. Route 1 (Pokémon Red and Blue)05. Theme of Celestials (Ōkami)06. Heart of the Mountain (Celeste)07. Main Theme (Shovel Knight)08. Overworld (The Legend of Zelda)09.

Buster Building (Kirby’s Adventure)10. Turtle Woods (Crash Bandicoot 2)11. Forbidden Jungle Temple (Jak and Daxter)12. Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2)13. Opening Theme (Mega Man 2)14. Windy Hill (Sonic Lost World)15. Undertale (Undertale)”As gamers, we know that toys and videogames can be therapeutic, creating enjoyable social experiences and letting our imaginations soar,” notes Pixel Mixers producer Julien “Hashel” Rosir. “We at Pixel Mixers believe that Child’s Play Charity is doing important work by bringing smiles to faces, and as our community is centered around videogame music, we thought it would be a great fit to pledge our efforts to such a great cause.”

 About Pixel Mixers Pixel Mixers are an open group dedicated to arranging, performing, and creating videogame remixes and covers. Both on Reddit and Facebook, they support contests, community albums, and plenty of other exciting events throughout the videogame community. All ages, experiences, backgrounds, and gamers welcome!Follow Pixel Mixers on YouTube and FacebookAbout GameGrooves GameGrooves originally began as GameLark Gazette in the Fall of 2018. The name changed in July 2019, but the mission remained the same: share videogame music with anyone who will listen to it. The videogame music community may be small, and it may be niche, but it’s full of fans, composers, and cover artists that all share a similar passion. That passion unites, and GameGrooves feels that the world is a better place with VGM than without it.
 Learn more: GameGrooves on Twitter and Facebook

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