Chroma: Bloom & Blight is adding a healthy hand of new features following its successful Kickstarter campaign

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Completely free-to-play card game Chroma: Bloom & Blight received over 116,000€ of support during its Kickstarter campaign earlier this month. Developer Clarity Games are now taking the demo offline to focus on finishing up the games development ahead of its full release later this year.

Chroma: Bloom & Blight had a sleuth of new features added to the playable demo throughout the Kickstarter campaign, including support for both Mac and Linux platforms as well as the ability to matchmake with friends. However, the development process going forward is a lot more robust on the game, so the decision was made to take the demo offline. During this closed development period Clarity Games will be working on:

-Adding over 100 new cards to the game, as well as balancing current cards
-Implementing both tournament mode and draft mode 
-Building on the games 'story' system and adding lore mechanics to the different factions
-Creating artwork for all cards
-Developing a mobile port (which will hopefully be ready for the games November release)

The release schedule for Chroma: Bloom & Blight isn't too far on the horizonClarity Games are aiming to open the game to the public in October for an open beta period. The full release of Chroma will be the following month, in November. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be able to dive into the lore-rich world again in September when the closed beta goes live.

Looking further down the line, Clarity games are already talking about the first expansion. There is no information on the theme of the expansion, but apparently, it has been theory crafted and development on the expansion will start when the game is released in November.

At launch, Chroma: Bloom & Blight will release on PC via Steam and both IOS and Android devices.

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