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MTG Arena Workshop Art of the Artisan Todays QUest of the Day is Red and White Spells 30 of them and the Deck will be Zero to Hero a red and white deck provided in the Workshop Event.

It usually takes a

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The interesting name I think I guess we will find out just how Zero to hero this deck Truly is before we are done the other deck we may try once the quest is complete is called yard Work.

THis deck turned out to be not quiet strong enough to get through the other deck provided for the workshop artisan Event the other deck turned out to be the key to getting the rewards in this one.

Well cant complain I finished the quest won the gold in the Workshop event Leveled up my XP Got another wildcard alll without the frustration and of the bull crap they call rank andd Who gives a crap about something they don't care enough about to control and fix .

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