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MTG Arena Sunday Magic jadiri Gamer today quest of the day kill 30 Creatures most of the time easier said than done you need to find opponents actually playing creatures to kill.

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there is no deck of the day we will keep flipping deck till we get a good balance of creature decks matches and we will see what other things we can get into there is new Weekly XP bonus to pick up that rolled over today lets start stacking up the wins against that.

DON"T forget FNM At Home May 22nd Historic Artisan the event will take place all day in the MTG Arena

Ranked back up to Platinum tier 2 after a week of tearing down the rank I already earned with poor matching and lack of shuffling, they really need to fix BO1 ranked do just the casual and new player are there rather than trying to make a few playe4rrs look greater than they really are.

Here is our reward card today, wow banner day to start the new week for sure we regained rank leveled up our XP Got the card reward got a wild card from a pack Finished a creature kill quest. somebodies trying to kiss up maybe

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