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MTG Arena Game of the day with Jadiri Gamer, the quest of the day blue and black our starter deck House Dimir we are just grinding for gold build XO hoping to rank but its really getting worse every day'

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we will see what other trouble we can get into as we grind for gold try to get the XP up and fix the rank stolen from us over the last day. we have played 47 matches in the last 4 days and lost all but 3 the odds are not great.

It the card of the day for what it worth if you have been watching my streams it becomes clear how unfair and unbalanced the game has become the more of the new card player collect and use the worse it gets a new or casual player does not stand a chance for free to rank up or win this game 73 matches 5 wins not very great or exciting odds and when you can seem like you can predict the outcome of each game seeing one or two cards played not very exciting for live streaming or promoting the game.

when game update and changed as often as this one has become so see-through and predictable it becomes old worn and boring. they need to listen to their players and customers and fix the game.

yes, I know at the time I complain about this game a lot but this company really needs to step up its game a lot it's becoming unfair to anyone without 12 or 15 hours a day and $100 week to play. and it shooing more and more with each day, it a shame cause it could really take over the number 1 game slot I think easily if it was fair for all. through control of the cards placed in deck shuffle and matching in BO1 platform and the rest of the game for that matter.

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