Crab War Molting into 4 Strong Years of Evolution

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As idle clicker Crab War proudly celebrates its Fourth Anniversary with over 7 million global downloads, two mysterious new crabs are emerging to aid players in their conquest. Enter a world where you can command your own swarm of supercharged crabs and battle evil reptiles to reclaim your homeland!

As a special thank you to all players, Majestic Shells are coming back to town for you to collect! These regal spoils are to die for as they can be transformed into precious Pearls, Gems, and an all-new Appxplore Stinger Shell for FREE during the anniversary! Obtain this unique crab shell and drill through your reptilian foes with the might of a thousand swarms!

SPLISH! Surfacing from the waters on the other side is the Jellyfish Shell, the ultimate anniversary shell carrying the entire might of the Appxplore developer team. Tangle up your enemies with stinging tentacles as you advance further into new territories to reclaim your homeland!

In addition to these event shells, Appxplore has prepared a Fourth Anniversary Super Bundle that will assist players of any level on their journey to become a crab god, so be sure to check out this time-limited offer with mighty incremental boosts!

Your crab swarm quivers in anticipation for your command in battle. Mutate, evolve, and secure epic event rewards now!

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