Kards, the World War II collectible card game left Early Access on the 15th of April and since then has been growing in popularity within the CCG community. Three weeks into its full launch and Kards is now ready to host a community event titled Operation: Kards, which will be played over Veterans weekend (23rd & 24th May).

 Operation: Kards is being hosted by Esports event oraginisers 983 Media, who have previously managed events for CD Projeckt Red, Wizards of the Coast, and Rhino Games. Players can enroll to join the fight now. 

Enroll now! Since its Early Access launch, Kards has seen its base set grow with the addition of the Allegiance expansion. Developers 1939 Games are supporting the Operation: Kards community event with in-game prizes that offer both base set and allegiance expansion support – which is a great opportunity for players to add more cards to their barracks.


1st: 10 Standard packs + 10 Allegiance packs + 5 draft tickets
2nd: 5 Standard packs + 5 Allegiance packs + 3 draft tickets
3rd – 8th: 3 Standard packs + 1 draft ticket

Operation: Kards will take place over the weekend of the 23rd & 24th May. The top 8 battle of the event will be aired on the 983 Media Twitch channel on the 25th May, where the Kards community can watch some of their favorite players and streamers take the battle to the front line. The event will be casted by Kards community favorite Blue Blasted.

983 Media Website: https://983media.com/


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