Megabyte Punch on the Nintendo Switch May 8th. Pre-Purchase sale available now!

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Team Reptile is excited to announce that Megabyte Punch is now available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo Switch. During this pre-purchase period the game will be available for 25% OFF. Megabyte Punch will be released next week on Friday May 8th.

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Megabyte Punch is an electro beat ‘em up game with platforming elements in which you build your own fighter.

Key Features:

- A hard-edge graphic style to represent the digital world that the 'Megacs' live in
- 6 unique electro-worlds each with their own boss fight
- 150 parts to collect and almost endless combinations to customize your character
- A pumpin' electro soundtrack
- Up to 4 player local co-op and versus mode
- Use any amiibo in-game to get exclusive colors for your fighter
- For Nintendo Switch only: 2 exclusive bonus stages



- Megabyte Punch was the debut title of Team Reptile back in 2013.
- The original game was created by Dion Koster and Tim Remmers, who co-founded Team Reptile while working on this game right after graduating.
- The basics of Lethal League are derived from a specific mechanic in Megabyte Punch. Certain parts have the ability to shoot projectiles. When timing your shield perfectly you can deflect projectiles. This bouncing of projectiles between characters sparked the idea to build a prototype around this single mechanic. This eventually resulted into Lethal League and later Lethal League Blaze.

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