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MTG Arena FMN at Home Artisan Event with Jadiri Gamer Ok here it is we waited all week for this and worked night and day we have 2 decks ready to go that managed to make the cut and ban list they set our frist Deck we will attempt to start with IZZET FLASH

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deck list IZZET FLASH

4 Crackling Drake (GRN) 163
4 Quench (RNA) 48
4 Brineborn Cutthroat (M20) 50
2 Negate (M20) 69
4 Shock (M20) 160
1 Swiftwater Cliffs (IKO) 255
3 Swiftwater Cliffs (M20) 252
4 Opt (ELD) 59
2 Scorching Dragonfire (ELD) 139
1 Essence Scatter (IKO) 49
1 Essence Scatter (M19) 54
4 Neutralize (IKO) 59
2 Fire Prophecy (IKO) 116
4 Sprite Dragon (IKO) 211
12 Island (IKO) 265
8 Mountain (IKO) 269

I have tested this Boldly in BO1 rank and when the shuffle is rightit held it own with some pretty rough competition so we shall see what it does for us today , FNM at Home coming at you Live .

FNM at home Deck 2 OK so we switched up to outr second deck and have had some re success after a bit RED HOT MPONO is what we called this one

RED HOT MONO deck list

3 Infuriate (M20) 145
24 Mountain (IKO) 271
3 Scorch Spitter (M20) 159
3 Ember Hauler (M20) 137
2 Chandra's Embercat (M20) 129
2 Mask of Immolation (M20) 151
2 Oread of Mountain's Blaze (THB) 146
3 Pack Mastiff (M20) 152
3 Rimrock Knight (ELD) 137
3 Act of Treason (M20) 124
2 Anax, Hardened in the Forge (THB) 125
1 Chandra's Spitfire (M20) 132
2 Spelleater Wolverine (IKO) 137
2 Chandra's Outrage (M20) 130
1 Ferocious Tigorilla (IKO) 115
2 Porcuparrot (IKO) 128
2 Wildfire Elemental (M20) 297

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