Today on Fandom Fare MTG Arena Blue and Red Spells Introducing Izzet Flash This is Standard Deck with a kick . I have only played this deck once or twice since we Got it so not practiced with all the new card so this will be a bit of a learning curve for us.

It usually takes a

Izzet Flash Deck List

4 Crackling Drake (GRN) 163
4 Quench (RNA) 48
4 Brineborn Cutthroat (M20) 50
2 Negate (M20) 69
4 Shock (M20) 160
1 Swiftwater Cliffs (IKO) 255
3 Swiftwater Cliffs (M20) 252
4 Opt (ELD) 59
2 Scorching Dragonfire (ELD) 139
1 Essence Scatter (IKO) 49
1 Essence Scatter (M19) 54
4 Neutralize (IKO) 59
2 Fire Prophecy (IKO) 116
4 Sprite Dragon (IKO) 211
12 Island (IKO) 265
8 Mountain (IKO) 269

Let see just how tough this one is we have several new decks going here we are in the process of building a few tougher rotation safe decks Rotation is marching closer every day before you know it even if it feels as though winter never left summer will be upon us .


I seen many out there asking if MONO RED Player were getting rotation safe decks ready yet , well Here is a Quick peak at mine at the Moment it is a IKOIA MONO Red Deck judging from the 2 test games I ran with it and minor twake we call Deadly

now my collection is still a bit small at the moment however provided none of these cards get banned I think its far to say it rotation free . I will be looking forwaord to the next release that comes out to add to this deck Power Grip on the game .

Let not for get FNM at Home Starts in about 15 hour runs all day Fandom Fare will be there you Should to0 It going to be a goo time

MTG Arena Continues FNM @ home , Fandom Fare & Jadiri Gamer will be there, This week May 1: Artisan Event Matches to be eligible to receive a reward from your local game store) Play as much as you like lose as much as you like .


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