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Irish game developer Timeslip Softworks today announced their upcoming post-technology turn based RPG, Prometheus Wept. The studio, best known for its work on Vigilantes (2018) reveal that their new game transports players to a near-future earth, in which virtually all computerised technology has been rendered inoperable by a virus. Assuming the role of a C-Tec, a classical technologist, players must survive among the shattered remnants of humanity, seeking out and attempting to restore technological and cultural relics from the mythical mid 21st century.

The game offers fully featured turn based combat, with destructible cover and interactions between fire, water and electricity, deep character and crafting systems, meaningful player choices and an engaging branching narrative.

The title screen artwork has been made available, and further details are available on the game’s Steam page. This project is being co-funded by the Creative Europe Media Programme of the European Union.

Steam Page:

HD Title Screen Art:

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