The power of 4: Retro gardening adventure game to raise a royal £4444

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A mini adventure gardening sim inspired by the British royal family is launching a Kickstarter campaign to support the development of its debut release on PC.

The idea for The Kingdom of Gardenia game was sparked by the royal family attracting masses of tourism to the UK every year. Following the trend for holidaymakers to share their experiences through online reviews, the game features a unique visitor review system.

Players spend time getting to know the characters in the game and finding out their individual preferences so they can get the best possible review from them. The sooner gamers get to know visitors, the faster they are able to achieve goals in the game.

Created by one-person indie game developer Little Ricebowl, the 8-bit retro gardening game is currently in development and is the first release of a planned four part series, featuring original music and story content.

It follows the story of Roman, an orphan and unemployed former soldier, who travels by train to the Kingdom of Gardenia in search of work. Upon arrival, the player meets King Theseus IV, who is all alone but for a number of autonomous beings, and finds out that he is in need of help to rebuild the kingdom to its former glory.

Game developer and music composer, Paul Trochowski of Little Ricebowl, said: “Even after many hours of play testing, I’m still excited to see who gets off the train each day and I hope fans of the game will feel the same, and will help to bring the concept to reality.”

The character King Theseus loves numbers and the number four has important symbolism in the game so in a nod to this, the Kickstarter campaign is targeting a funding goal of £4,444.

The funding will support the production costs and release of the first game as well as free future content updates. The Kickstarter campaign goes live on 1st May and you can register to find out more about the project here.

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