Epic Seven x Guilty Gear – An Unbelievable Collaboration!

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New Hero “Elphelt Valentine” Available Soon

  • Epic Seven x Guilty Gear collaboration event back by popular demand!
  • Collaboration to bring new Hero “Elphelt Valentine” alongside improved rewards and events

[April 30, 2020] Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, has announced the return of its collaboration with the legendary fighting game Guilty Gear (GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2) on April 30.

The collaboration between Epic Seven and Guilty Gear first took place in April 2019 and included a special Side Story featuring three Heroes from the world of Guilty Gear working alongside Epic Seven’s own Heroes. These collaboration Heroes were available for players to collect and add to their own team, and received positive feedback from players thanks to their unmistakable Guilty Gear style combined with an Epic Seven twist.

Since the event’s end last April, players from all around the world have been eagerly requesting the return of the Guilty Gear collaboration, and now in 2020, Smilegate Megaport is bringing it back.

The Heroes “Sol Badguy,” “Baiken,” and “Dizzy” are available for three weeks starting April 30, and the special Side Story “Visitors from Another World” is also available for Heirs to play. Furthermore, players can receive Sol Badguy, his Artifact “Junkyard Dog,” and the collaboration Artifact “Portrait of the Saviors” all for free through this special Side Story. Alongside these three Heroes, the new Hero “Elphelt Valentine” will be available for the first time ever, with more information being announced in the coming days.

There will also be a special event running until May 28 in commemoration of the collaboration. Simply by logging onto the game for a week, players will receive a 4-5 star Hero Summon Ticket as well as other great rewards, with even more rewards available to players who log in for two or more consecutive days. Additionally, there will be four buff events running until May 10, including a Free Unequip Event, increased Gold drops, and increased Rune drops.

The collaboration isn’t the only new content this update is bringing—Epic Seven’s protagonist “Ras” is receiving his long-awaited Specialty Change, and a new Labyrinth area, “Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 4 – Icicle Cave,” is now available as well. Last but not least, the Japanese media pack has been updated, allowing fans of the Japanese voiceover to enjoy even more of their favorite Heroes’ voices in Japanese.

Smilegate Megaport’s Business Department Manager Sanghoon Lee commented, “We’ve decided to rerun the Guilty Gear collaboration after one year, as was requested by many players. With all the new additions, including improved rewards and a brand new collaboration Hero, I’m confident that our players will enjoy themselves. We will do our best to introduce even more collaborations in the future.”

More information about Epic Seven can be found on the official STOVE community (https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/main) and official

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