SnowRunner, the next-gen off-road trucking adventure from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 28th. Navigate huge, untamed environments behind the wheel of the largest trucks, taking on sandbox missions and battling extreme elements in solo or in co-op. Today, more details are unveiled regarding the game’s mod support from launch and beyond on PC, with console mod support planned at a later date.

Rich content created by a huge and dedicated community

With almost 5000 mods already created for MudRunner, the modding community is sure to be a great contributor to SnowRunner’s replayability, with a lot of fan-made content to look forward to. Saber Interactive has been working closely with some of these modders during development, with a range of exciting vehicle mods already created and ready for launch on PC. Full map modding support, as well as for their related missions, will be available later down the road shortly after launch. As a sneak peek of SnowRunner’s post-launch free content updates, interior customization is planned along with a range of cosmetic items to unlock, which will also be moddable. 

It usually takes a

The first mod created for SnowRunner (by ChameleonHUM) will be available on PC, along with many others.

Partnering with industry-leading mod experts and rewarding modders

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive are partnering with to bring PC modding support for SnowRunner on Day 1, and the creators of the most popular mods will be eligible to rewards.

SnowRunner launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store on April 28. Pre-order the Standard or Premium Editions now via the official store!


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