Might and Delight team up with charity Safe in Our World for Tenth Anniversary Play Event

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April 2020 marks ten years of Might and Delight, and to celebrate, the team will be holding their biggest ever play event in Meadow. The studio has hosted 'Play with the Devs' events previously, but this time the focus is about getting more players connected, and we’ll be using sales and player numbers to donate funds to the mental health videogames charity Safe in Our World.

CEO Anders Westin says “In its four years Meadow has been something of a haven for players who enjoy a game world that’s not overwhelmed with millions of players and where exploration and not questing is the focus. In these days of lockdown and isolation it’s more important than ever to get people together through games. There’s never been a sharper focus on how gaming can contribute towards positive mental health.”

Profits from sales of all Might and Delight games on Steam will go to Safe in Our World, with an extra 25% added if participating players total 10,000. We hope that new players will enjoy joining existing fans in sharing their adventures at Discord and the Meadow Steam community forum.

“Our community and all that they bring to our games is exactly why we are where we are today - working on Shelter 3 and preparing for release of online RPG Book of Travels, a project that wouldn’t exist without Meadow fans. Now that our immediate friends and family are out of reach, we want to invite people to get together in Meadow whilst raising awareness of the part gaming can play in wellbeing and of the work Safe in Our World are doing for just that” - Helen Liston, Writer and Marketing Coordinator

Safe in our World’s mission is to create and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry and beyond; to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, to make it a natural topic of discussion, and to promote the dialogue surrounding mental health so people are not afraid to reach out for help if they need it. Founded by industry veterans in 2019, the charity is currently working to promote positive mental health in the Covid-19 crisis, setting up a Covid-19 Hub and teaming up with publishers such as Sports Interactive to communicate its mission.

The current significance of gaming in a world of lockdown has also been highlighted by the World Health Organisation, whose campaign #PlayApartTogether stresses the opportunities afforded by online gaming in a world crisis where physical togetherness is often forbidden.

The event begins at 10am PST on Thursday April 23rd and will end at midnight on Sunday 25th. As well as obelisks to unlock together, there will be some special edition statues of elephants to find which will gain achievements.

  • #PlayApartTogether Event in Meadow
  • Starts 10 am PST Thursday 23rd April, ends Sunday 26th
  • All profit from sales of M&D games over the duration go to Safe in Our World
  • An extra 25% will be added if 10,000 players attend
  • Spot ten new hidden elephant statues to unlock achievements and look out for the devs in their special dev skins!

Might and Delight are a studio of twenty people based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2010, we’ve made over twenty projects to date, including games, digital books and soundtracks. We take a multidicplinary approach to our craft and are proud to collaborate with museums, universities and art institutions. Find out more about us here.

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