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With Breathtaking Visuals & Improved Battles From Original Witching Tower, Daily Magic Team is Poised to Bring Players Bigger and Greater VR Experience

the game development studio DAILY MAGIC PRODUCTIONS Inc., today announced Witching Tower: Heroes – the game in the original series of Witching Tower VR Action Adventure game. With knowledge achieved at previous game and improved skills of the Witching Tower development team, the new game promises to deliver new VR experience, more dynamic battles, and breathtaking dark fantasy world for players to explore. Witching Tower: Heroes  is slated for worldwide launch in April 29, 2020 for HTC VIVE, INDEX and Oculus devices on Steam(Early Access) and VIVEPORT.

Witching Tower: Heroes — Official Trailer:https://youtu.be/1J2TVMymJSg

In Witching Tower: Heroes, there are four of you, and you are a detachment sent to the neighboring kingdom to deal with the hordes of the undead.

In the game available four sets of weapons, four unique fighting styles — choose your own, complete various missions. Nobles, soldiers, jailers, sorcerers and their terrible creations – are long dead. They will persecute you endlessly, foil your plans in an attempt to protect their dead Queen.

The game process becomes more dynamic and entertaining with the PvP and cooperative mode(PvP and cooperative will be available later), individual fighting style, various missions, breathtaking visuals and unbelievable atmosphere that Heroes has.

Fighting style becomes individual. Feel free to choose between good old fencing, magic bow shooting, DRILL, staff of fire & light — whether you like the best and comfortable for you.

Now there are various types of undead enemies and  you can learn the story of each one of them. Enemies became even more powerful, unpredictable and creepy. They will follow you ruining everything on their way.
The game has now more action as there are various missions you can complete — protecting, destroying, surviving and etc.

Art and atmosphere became more dark, mysterious and realistic with detailed textures and amazing architecture of gothic castles, so you feel the spirit of the dark fantasy around you.

The List of Heroes is waiting for you to be the one. Take a worthy place in the general leaderboard by scoring points and getting achievements through the game process.

Join the grand battles, score points, explore the greater dark fantasy world and protect the kingdom from the evil Queen.

Witching Tower: Heroes — Social: https://www.facebook.com/WitchingTowerHeroes/

For more information on Witching Tower: Heroes  and to find out more about Daily Magic Productions Inc.’s other products, please visit follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/dailymagicpro/.

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