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Big Rook Games has a treat for those under lockdown today. While puzzle/shooter hybrid Hero Syndrome may have backed away from Kickstarter due to the COVID-19 pandemic, development hasn’t slowed one bit. As well as updates to the original Story mode pre-alpha, today you can download and play a prototype of Survival mode, a wave-based endurance sandbox featuring building, crafting, mining and (of course) blowing up thousands of deadly robots.

Check out the original Kickstarter launch trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7PXI0ivcQ8

Survival mode features the same fast-paced combat and construction elements from the main game and the upcoming competitive team-play modes, but tasks players with a long, tough fight to the Martian surface. Starting in their deep underground (and increasingly besieged) bunker, players harvest resources from enemies, build mining facilities to fuel their operations, purchase and upgrade new guns and activate defense systems to keep pesky robots out of places they’re not meant to be. Between fighting waves of enemies, players can also delve into the fully dynamic caverns of Mars and tunnel their way to riches to fuel their subterranean war machine.

Rather than deliver a throwaway one-shot experience, developer Jake Jameson has designed the Survival prototype around a persistent save file. Shortcuts opened, upgrades earned and weapons purchased will remain between playthroughs. Each run will see players better equipped for the gruelling fight ahead. Players will need every advantage they can get, and many attempts to reach the surface, giving even this early version of Survival many hours of play-time, entirely free.

Ongoing development on Survival mode (as well as Story and Arena modes) will be shaped by player feedback. Mechanized Martian warriors can congregate on the official Hero Syndrome Discord channel to share strategies and provide suggestions on the future of the game.

About Hero Syndrome

  • Third-person construction combat on a personal scale. Flex your mind and reflexes in focused deathmatch arenas and claustrophobic test chambers packed with hazards.
  • Three experiences in one. Frantic construction combat for up to eight players online, a  puzzle-centric single-player story plus a massive Survival mode, testing players’ true skills in a persistent battle of attrition.
  • A finely tuned construction interface makes building as easy as pointing and shooting your gun. React to threats instantly with practical defenses.
  • Master rocket jumping through the air, the best way to get around since the original Quake.
  • A compelling and classical sci-fi story penned by Evan Skolnick (Star Wars 1313, Days Gone, Mafia 3) and voiced by a professional cast of actors.

Story and Survival prototype demos for Hero Syndrome are available now for download here. The game has been submitted to the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. Expect a combined story and survival demo and further news on the game on June 9th.

For More information on Hero Syndrome, visit its official page here, Steam store page here or the community Discord channel here.

The original Story mode prototype (featuring three narrated tutorial levels) plus the new Survival mode prototype are free to download here.

For updates on new prototypes and further demo plans, follow Big Rook Games on Twitter here.

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