Slash Roll is launching today with a special offer (-10%)

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Today, NiankSoft has launched Slash Roll, the pouch-builder, in early access on Steam, with a 10% discount for a limited time.

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After slaying some spire, the taverns of Slash Roll are the ideal place to rest and play this dice pouch-building rogue-like with original mechanics.

Cards can be left in their decks, for once.

    Pouch-building – Unlock and collect unique dice to build powerful combos suiting each play-style
    Master the odds – Choose wisely your moves for optimal effects or trick your dice to have them roll your lucky number
    Generated world – Never go twice through the same experience, adventuring with a different face in a new tavern at every game

A game with dice in a pouch
In Slash Roll, you do not play with a deck of cards, but with a pouch of dice. Every dice (with 6 faces or not) with unique effects and serving different purposes can help or curse you in your quest.

If you are familiar with the rogue-like deck-building genre, you will recognize some of its codes, while discovering new mechanics inherent to the random property of the dice.

You might be of the safe type, avoid to take risk and focusing on defence, the optimistic type, hoping for the best while building strong combos, or the calculating type, evaluating precisely the statistical value of each move.

A strange world
May you be the mighty Hero spending their well deserved leisure time, a rich traveller amazed by the wonders of the world or a drunkard spending their last penny in the worst ale of the county, you will enter, with a new face every time, a procedurally generated tavern where you will meet weird characters of various kinds before reaching the counter to address the tavern-keeper.

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