MTG Arena Event of the Day Brawlers Guild Hall

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ok so the Event we had Planned is Gone away not sure why but we are going to get involved in the MTG Arena Brawlers Guild Hall just for fun and see how that goes today's Event of the Day if or when the workshop returns we will get into that.

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Well there is our care reward of the day sorry the workshop Event wasn't savable when we returned but we did get involved in the Brawlers Guild that to is a free event right now and I know many Enjoy Brawl .
Don;t Forget This Friday even if Arena Does not have a FNM at home Event we will be here with FNM at home of out OWN Please paln on being there contact us to id your Interested in holping and discussing a FNM Group Arena Group Contact us here on our page or on our Di cord channel

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