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MTG Arena Sunday Today's Challenge Kill 30 Creatures. this is our quest of the day in but cloud covered easter morning well morning for all who weren't up to watch the sun rise this am.

It usually takes a

it could take a bit to get these 30 Creatures we are just going to Rotate decks for the best count we can get today no particular order in mind try to pick the decks that take down creature the best but were at the mercy of the opponent who has to play the creatures to take down.

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well it was a good Sunday here at Fandom Fare gaming they didn't make it easy took a lot of fire power to get this quest but it was pretty good fun for all.

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we are hopeing they will continue with FNM at home either way I think we are going to work it out so it become a regular feature here for us maybe PVP challenge or something who knows hang in here with us lets work it out together become a member of the FNM team Who knows where it could go Right. it would be more of a group since there is no Team Play Arena just yet but an Idea who;s time has come.

yes you heard let see if we can build a Fandom Fare FNM at home Team or Squad (Group) interested Post a message on this pst or on the Facebook page ON twitch or our Discord Channel

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