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Saturday Main Event Fandom Fare Gaming Look for the Victory , today's Quest of the day Black & green spells 20 of them sound like a rough day as we move forward.

Watch Saturday Main Event Fandom Fare Gaming Look for the Victory from fandomfare on

Thanks to all who joined us yesterday for FNM at home we hope that they will make this a regular event on Arena it hard to say how that will go seems lke it got a lot of mixed reviews in the forum and other place.
many didnt see or hear a lot from store leagues and they had hoped many stores got aluminium involved how ever many are closed unable to open they are fighting for there financial lives right now they did happily share the code and information.

how ever they had little time to build discord pages or to learn how or man them fighting to get costumer to still buy online by phone delivering personally to the customer they are not essential businesses .no toy store card shop, comic book store is just ask game stop the world has changed .
if you were looking for deep vomited effort in MTG from store owners know they were looking to us MTG Arena player to reach out to them and promote for them as they have no time no staff no Income at this time .

Trudging through the quest of the day We got all bbut one spell in this march even though we lost the match in the red, so up next we start heating things up a bit bringing out the red and black deck to finish off this quest once and for all.

well over all a good Saturday our win loss broke even I think if we had time for one more game it would have maybe came out ahead hard to say;.


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