Tokyo-based indie developers Onion Games (who formerly have worked on games like Little King's StoryChulip, Rez, and even Super Mario RPG!), are happy to announce that their critically acclaimed operatic shooter Black Bird is available now in a standard collector's edition release for Nintendo Switch, courtesy Limited Run Games!

Through May 8th, players will be able to buy Black Bird in either a standard edition for $34.99, or a deluxe Collector's Edition, that will come complete with: an 18x24" reversible poster! An artbook! And a copy of Black Bird's incredible soundtrack! All for just $64.99! 

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Players can buy the games direct from Limited Run Games until May 8th!  

"90/100 — It's a masterpiece of modern shooting games, perfect for beginners and experienced players."
 - IGN Japan

"Black Bird is difficult, weird, and an utterly brilliant shmup you need to check out right now." 
Pocket Gamer

"Kimura has once again crafted an experience ripe with imagination, amazingly unique art direction, and a score that'll worm its way into your brain." 


The Game

Black Bird is the tale of a young, neglected girl who dies and is resurrected as... the ominous Black Bird. 

Since ancient times, the kingdom has spoken of this bird as one of the fabled "great calamities". You are now this ancient calamity itself — the legendary ‘Black Bird’. 

Destroy the kingdom in a storm of bullets! What fate awaits this girl-turned-bird? 

Will you, the Black Bird, destroy the world? 

Has this lively, fun-filled kingdom already led itself down the path of destruction? Find out by ordering this Limited Run edition on April 10!  

Onion Games has also recently launched The Secret Onion Cellar, a regular email magazine giving fans direct access to behind-the-scenes information from our happy little studio. Each issue includes a link to The Onion Games Starter Kit, a package of downloadable art, music, as well as Romeo & Juliet, a brand new Onion mini-game available exclusively to Secret Onion Cellar subscribers! 

Please direct your readers & viewers to

to subscribe and receive their free gifts!  The Features

Black Bird features a darkly humorous world, built with loving care, pixel by pixel. 

Visuals which recall a classic era of gaming portray a rich, picture book world. Completing each stage will reveal more of the mysteries which shroud its dark, fairytale-like exterior!

In this unique, action-packed, shooting game, your enemies’ movement synchronizes with the operatic soundtrack, sung in a bizarre, fictional language, creating a truly unique experience. 

8 different endings! A high score is the key to the real ending and unlocking the story’s secrets. Your skill will guide how the story concludes; practice really does make perfect! 

Extra Features Galore! Unlock True Mode after completing the game to see new enemies, hidden bonus characters and more! Learn the combo system, bomb system and hidden characters, then mix and match to find your own play style. When you’re confident, aim for the top of the leaderboards in Score Attack.

Find out in this unique RPG, now available digitally on Windows/Mac and the Nintendo Switch from Onion Games!


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