Brezg studio and 101XP are thrilled to announce a new project – For the People.

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For the People – is an acute social novel with a slight touch of bureaucracy and irony on the theme of the Soviet Union and the totalitarian regime.Welcome to the Cold War in a parallel reality. You are Francis Reaver, the newly-elected mayor of a major industrial city in the Commonwealth of Orange Collectives, an alternate version of the Soviet Union. Your political decisions and who you choose for your allies will carve out the fate of this parallel world. Lead it to democracy or take control as unyielding dictator. Will the party serve the people, or will the people serve the party? The choice is yours, comrade!Trailer:

  • Taste of power – Gather information however you can—even from illegal sources if it suits your needs.
  • Think strategically – Every district of Iron-1 has pressing needs.
  • 5+ endings – Every decision you make has its consequences. 

Steam page: info:

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