Yomuneco Announces 2020 Roadmap for Rogue-Lite VR Game SWORDS of GARGANTUA

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Players will experience a new lounge and mods, before setting out for a new adventure mode in Ooparts Labyrinth, and PvP battle in DUELS of GARGANTUA, coming in future feature updates this year.

Yomuneco Inc. today announced its 2020 content roadmap for rogue-lite VR game SWORDS of GARGANTUA, including a new big update to an adventure mode, Ooparts Labyrinth, a new “Mod Mode” where players can edit in-game content and Player versus Player (PvP) battle mode, DUELS of GARGANTUA.

Below is the tentative schedule of updates for 2020:


  • Mod Mode Alpha: Using the Mod.io platform, PC-based players will receive special access to modify in-game parameters, such as speed and strength, as well as create custom waves to challenge their fighting skills. (Quest coming later)
  • Lounge: A new area for up to 10 warriors to socialize after a long day of killing giants.
  • Tesseract Abyss PlayStation VR release: Now available on all major VR platforms, SWORDS of GARGANTUA 


  • Player versus Player (PvP): DUELS of GARGANTUA beta test. Enter the online arena and take on other VR combatants.
  • Mod Mode customization: Import fan-made weapon and character models and utilize them in epic battles against the Gargantua. (Useable in Mod Mode only)

Fall (Largest Update of 2020)

SWORDS of GARGANTUA: OOParts Labyrinth

Up to four players will infiltrate the labyrinth and explore in a quest to collect the hidden Ooparts. Ooparts give you the means to fight off a BRAND-NEW BOSS and enemies. Survive the labyrinth with new ranged attacks like magic and bows in this new major update.

*Please note that the above schedule is subject to change. Register for the SWORDS of GARGANTUA Discord channel for updates: https://discord.gg/UcfNVU3

SWORDS of GARGANTUA is a fast-paced rogue-lite action for game 1-4 players featuring realistic swordplay in an immersive VR-enabled online environment. Fight solo or join with up to three others in online co-op, mastering your swordsmanship in blocking, parrying, and attacking, as well as your fighting strategy to defeat the mighty Gargantua!

Key Features:

  • Hyper-Realistic VR Swordsmanship: Swing, stab, crush and parry. Wield over 30 discoverable weapons and fight your way through 101 floors of enemies hell bent on stopping you from reaching the colossal end-boss, Gargantua.
  • Rogue-lite Action: Each play through gives different floor advancement choices along the way; play it safe, but it’ll take more battles to reach the end, or skip to a deeper level and be cursed with major disadvantages and debuffs while fighting tougher enemies.
  • Character Progression: Keep all the weapons, items, coins and stat upgrades collected through each play permanently. Take excess weapons and combine them to make stronger versions to aid in progressively difficult battles.
  • Co-op Multiplayer: Play with up to three other adventurers. Call the shots with native voice chat and defeat the mighty Gargantua.

Players can already play SWORDS of GARGANTUA on the following platforms:
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/895200/Swords_of_Gargantua/
Oculus Rift: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2001971263187898
Oculus Quest: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3064046640291676/
VIVEPORT: https://www.viveport.com/apps/bb242289-9aca-4b5c-8f93-f3a6a51de1b3

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