The Hive Rise of The Behemoths

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Skydome Entertainment’s The Hive is an RTS game in which you assume control of an insectoid hive mind. The Hive has heavy emphasis on story, atmosphere and exploration of an ancient underworld. The insect army has to make its way through the remains of fallen underground civilizations and their remaining guardians in order to reach the surface.

The Hive received a major update Rise of the Behemoths on March 2nd 2020 which introduced two new buildings and three playable units along with a reworked upgrade system and bug fixes. The new update is a direct continuation for the game’s previous major patch released in June 2019. The preceding Winds of Change patch was the biggest update the game has seen so far introducing several player and enemy units, new buildings as well as major graphics update and 4K support among other features. Rise of The Behemoths is the second major batch of content included with the game free of charge.

Rise of The Behemoths update features:

  • Heavy Insectoid unit Behemoth – A sturdy unit with heavy melee attack. It nests small Seeker aerial units on it’s back.
  • Medium Insectoid specialist Infestor – Uses a variety of neural oozes to terrorize enemies and aid friendly units.
  • Light Insectoid aerial unit Seeker – Swarm of them is carried on Behemoth’s back. Uses aerial bombing attacks to hit enemies from range.
  • Insectoid building Nestling Mound – Used to spawn Behemoth
  • Insectoid building Conch – Used to spawn Infestor
  • Damage and Defence upgrade rework
  • Several abilities have new visual effects and sound effects

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