Capybara Games has released today a sizeable Grindstone content update called “Back to the Grind” which introduces 15 new levels, a brand new boss battle against Jorj’s rival,  the “Jerkameleon” enemy and three new weapons (Stonebreaker Arrow, OK Boomerang, Throwin’ Bombs). Apple Arcade subscribers can play this new update today! What’s New?

  • The new “Jerkameleon” enemy gobbles up smaller creeps and then morphs into the color he just ate, forcing Jorj to constantly adapt his strategy.
  • The game is extended with 15 new levels, each a handcrafted puzzle designed to challenge our most grizzled Stonegrinders with new traps and foes.
  • A new boss battle pits players against Jorj’s rival, a foe who can also chain through enemies, turning the playfield into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.
  • The devious Jerk-Go-Round obstacle mixes up the positions of enemies, creating a new puzzle dynamic.
  • Treasure chests in the new levels hide new items for Jorj to craft and use in combat:
  • The Stonebreaker Arrow breaks down large grindstones into smaller ones, giving you more Grindstones to chain through.
  • The OK Boomerang is a crooked sword that Jorj can hurl through a chain of enemies.
  • Throwin’ Bombs are a new weapon for Jorj giving him an explosive attack previously only used by bosses!

About GrindstoneGRINDSTONE is a game of sword-slashing puzzle battles from the award-winning creators of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Critter Crunch!

Grindstone Mountain is overrun with vicious Creeps! Slay your way up its treacherous peak where fortune, glory (and death) awaits!

It usually takes a

It’ll take sharp puzzle skills and an even sharper blade to cleave your way through the swarms of bloodthirsty Creeps dwelling within Grindstone’s dungeons. Battle bosses, loot resources, discover long-lost blueprints for powerful gear, all while cleaving the innards from your deadly foes! Over 150 levels of intense puzzle-battling madness!
 For more information on Grindstone, visit https://www.grindstonegame.com/. Follow Capy on Facebook and Twitter.

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